I said YES… my first Devon Wedding blog!

 My first Devon Wedding blog!
So as you may be aware my fiancée Ben proposed to me earlier in the year. So happy and excited I can’t wait to get married to him, woo! Now just to plan our perfect for us Devon Wedding.
Being a wedding photographer I must admit that I was terribly naive and thought planning a wedding would be a doddle because I have been to so many wedding and know exactly what I want, No!
It turns out that it’s a little more tricky than that. Turns out that because I have been to so many weddings I keep wanting to look for things that are a little different and a little more Ben and I. Which I assume is what most couples want for their big day, it just seems so hard to fix on an idea. There seems so much pressure to pick a theme or a colour scheme even before we have a date and a venue.
So I have decided that I am going to document our journey to ‘our’ perfect Devon Wedding!
Our first choice to make was the wedding venue. There are so many out there, that our first decision was which county in the South West as we
live just on the border of Devon. So Devon, Somerset, Dorset!
Ben and I both knew straight away that we want a small and more intimate wedding. So that cut out venues that are too large. There are lots of beautiful places to get married out there. One in particular that stuck out for us both at the very beginning was The Brickhouse Vineyard at Mamhead. It is an absolutely stunning and private venue. It is perfect for our days guests, but unfortunately it was slightly too small to accommodate our evening guests.
So we needed to start out search again, we looked at all different types of beautiful venues such as Deer Park, Anran, Upton Barn & Walled Garden, Tapeley Park. But they were either way out of our budget or were just missing that something that made it feel like us.
Finally we found two contenders.
Tawstock Court which is a fairly new venue in North Devon. It has the most stunning wall panelled entrance room and a gorgeously bright and vibrant reception room. With an amazing view over the valley.
Paschoe House is a boutique hotel that has the perfect balance between traditional and modern decor and a fantastic and spacious glass conservatory for the wedding reception.
The main thing that we really loved most about both venues is the owners. At Tawstock Court you have Laura as your point of contact and at Paschoe house you have Tabitha. They were both so passionate about their venues and you could really feel the love and effort that they have both put into their work.
After working out our budgets a little more the scale dipped in favour of Tawstock Court. We decided to go back for another visit and fell in love with the venue all over again. As we were walking around we were talking and imagining our day already. We knew from that moment that there is nowhere else we would rather hold our wedding day. It is beautiful and it accommodates all of our requirements. From a small day with larger numbers in the evening, all the way to accommodation for all of our guests. Tawstock Court is such a versatile venue it’s just perfect.
We can’t wait to get married there. Just need to plan everything else between now and next summer.

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