who am i?

I’m Stephanie Snooks, a creative wedding photographer based in East Devon.

Specialising in weddings, family portraits and corporate events, I cover the whole of the South West
region including Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall.

I love my work, and I love photographing weddings. I enjoy how the whole day unfolds, and I want to capture this natural story for you through your wedding photographs. 

I am always a happy, friendly and approachable person; nothing is too much trouble. If you have any individual requirements for your wedding photographs, do not hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help.


"Relaxed, passionate and fun wedding photographer"

My Style

I offer a reportage-style; I capture real, emotive wedding photographs of the happy couple and your love for each other.

Otherwise known as documentary wedding photography and wedding photojournalism, reportage-style wedding photography tells a story using pictures, recording natural images without interfering or setting things up.

I aim to record everything sympathetically and authentically and make it my job to be as unobtrusive as possible. Most of my photography is completely candid and a number of my wedding clients tell me that they forget that I’m even there – to me, that’s a job done well!

Your Wedding

As a Devon Wedding Photographer, each wedding is unique and tells a beautiful love story.

I strive to capture all of the emotion, details and unexpected moments that occur throughout your big day.

Weddings are emotional days and I’m always looking for pictures that convey how people are feeling.

While weddings are primarily about love, often at the start of the day during the preparations, there are
nerves and excitement. This can move on to elation and a sense of relief after the ceremony is over.

Throughout your special day, I am constantly looking to convey this roller coaster of emotion in your wedding photographs

Wedding Photographs Devon
Wedding Photographer Devon

My Experience

For as long as I can remember, I have been a creative soul and I’ve been inspired to create beautiful visual imagery.

My love of photography kick-started at the age of 18 when I started studying photography at Arts University Bournemouth. I graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography and haven’t looked back ever since.

Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of different photography industries.

From product photography to a portrait and wedding photography studio, I’ve tried my hand at many types of photography. This experience has allowed me to gain a varied and in-depth knowledge of my craft.

In addition to my expanding wedding and portraiture portfolio, I also photograph corporate events. I currently work for a national tools and machinery company as the company photographer.