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This isn’t really how I intended to start my blog, but I might as well start with an interesting story that shows the lengths I go to for my couples.

I am a wedding photographer based in East Devon, I cover the whole of the South West from Somerset and Dorset right down through Devon to the tip of Cornwall.

Last week I had a wedding consultation booked with a wonderful couple called Saeed and Charlotte. They are planning to get married down in Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall this summer.  Carbis Bay forms part of an array of beaches that make up St Ives Bay and is listed as one of the world’s best beaches by the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Organisation so it’s no wonder why this fabulous couple chose this venue as their wedding venue.

I made sure to keep an eye on the weather reports as snow was predicted, but honestly how often do we get a lot of snow in Cornwall? That really was my first mistake. My boyfriend and I set off for Cornwall on the Wednesday morning- it was a glorious day and surprisingly spring like.

We got down to the hotel with 30 minutes to spare so it was a good run. First things first, we parked up outside the Carbis Bay Hotel admiring the gorgeous view out to sea. It really is a wonderful venue to get married in and I can’t wait to go back again and photograph their beautiful day.

But getting back to the adventure…

I had a lovely meeting with Saeed in the conservatory over a pot of tea looking out at the panoramic view of Carbis Bay. Charlotte was having a hair trial done at a local salon although I did get to see her later on that day.

We had a good chat about their wedding and how quickly they are pulling everything together. After ruling out the idea of getting married abroad, I learnt how they came across the Carbis Bay Hotel. Saeed spoke about stumbling across the hotel and how first impressions really did count with this one. When the couple went to see the venue they knew straight away that it was right for them. To be honest, I can understand why, as it felt like we were having our meeting in a hot and exotic country with the sun beaming through the glass of the conservatory.

Without warning, the next thing we know the bay is being encapsulated by monstrous snow clouds. In the blink of an eye, within only 10 minutes you could barely see a thing but snow!

The Bay

We were stuck, the only way out of the hotel was via a crazy steep incline. After only 30 minutes, the car was well and truly snowed in. So why not stay a little longer?!

The Hill

My boyfriend and I ended up for a lovely 2 days. But we weren’t complaining; not only did we enjoy our little adventure but I now feel as though I thoroughly know the area and hotel.  This has only added to my confidence, so I am now feeling very prepared for the wedding later this year.

The Gorgeous Area

Although I should have taken the weather warning a little more seriously, I would do the same again (except maybe park at the top of the hill next time). Why? Because I feel that I know my couple even more and have a better understanding of them and their close relationship.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding as they are such a kind and caring couple. I really am lucky to be a wedding photographer especially in the South West region as we have some of the most beautiful scenery and venues in the world. This one really does tick all of the boxes when it comes to a magical wedding venue.

If you would like to see some of my work please find some shots in my gallery.

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